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The best game worlds are the ones you make yourself.

Maker’s Forge Games is all about making the creation of those worlds (and the adventures you play in them!) easier and more fun.

We make free generators to help you quickly create foes, interesting names for NPCs and for places on all those maps you’re making.

We also create step-by-step guides to help new and veteran DMs bring their home-brew campaign worlds to life.

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Make Your Own Campaign!

Get the premier step-by-step guide to building a campaign that will wow your players, scratch your creative itch, and provide hours of adventure-packed enjoyment for you and your table—all without giving up your day job or getting lost in the details.

The Foe Generator for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons takes the drudgery out of making a group of vanilla foes (like orcs, goblins, town watch, or bandits) interesting.

With a few clicks you’ll have a whole party of orcs and their leader, each of them unique and fully detailed while keeping their stat blocks compact and easy to reference during play.

Customize or re-randomize the individual results and you’re ready to run.

We’ve created a separate version of the Foe Generator to work specifically with Stephen J. Grodzicki’s Low Fantasy Gaming system.

Low Fantasy Gaming (LFG) is a brilliant offshoot of the OGL that is focused on low magic and an old school feel.

If you haven’t taken a look yet, we would encourage you to do so, the main game PDF is free and community support is growing.

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Next on the list is the Advanced Name Generator, designed to streamline the bulk creation of flavorful NPC names and the names of places.

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